EA announces upcoming SimCity BuildIt for iOS

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Kelly Hodgkins
September 11th, 2014
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EA announces upcoming SimCity BuildIt for iOS

SimCity BuildIt

EA has announced that it will bring a new version of its popular SimCity franchise to iOS. The SimCity BuildIt game keeps the same city planner theme of earlier titles, but is designed from the ground up for gaming on the go.

The choices you make evolve your city in a variety of ways. Meet your citizens' needs to keep them happy, or make questionable choices and feel your citizens' wrath.

Pinch, zoom, and rotate 360 degrees as you manage your city in the palm of your hand. With countless buildings and vivid, 3D-quality graphics, it's the most advanced mobile building simulation game.

EA has not announced a launch date or pricing for the new game, only confirming that the title is coming soon to iPhone and iPad. This isn't the first SimCity game to make its way to iOS. EA previously released SimCity Social and SimCity Deluxe for the iPad, both of which are no longer available. EA also maintains SimCity 4 for the Mac.

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