Freaking Shapes: Fitting a square peg in a round hole

Players decide that a square shape and a star hole do not match in Freaking Shapes

Freaking Shapes is a fast-paced game that tests your reflexes with the old does this shape fit into this hole concept we were taught as children. Freaking Shapes has a short time limit for players to make decisions as to whether the shape on the left fits in the shaped hole on the right. This time limit gets shorter as the shapes get harder to tell if they fit and they rotate more which makes players think. Freaking Shapes is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

When players start Freaking Shapes, they are presented with a filled in shape on the left and a square with a shape cut out of it on the right. For example, players will have to decide is the circle on the left fits into a half-moon shaped hole on the right. At the top of the screen is a bar that diminishes as time runs out to solve the problem and at the bottom of the screen are a checkmark and an "X" for answering if the shape on the left matches the cutout. As players get further in the run, the shapes get more difficult to match with the cutout, which adds variety to the gameplay and keeps players on their toes.

Starting out playing the game, the premise seems really simple and easy to do but the further you get, the more it becomes apparent that it offers a real challenge in a fun way. Before too long, you find yourself competing to get further than you did in the last run. Each run, though difficult, turns out to be even more fun than the last. Freaking Shapes also features Game Center support which lets you compete with friends to get a high score. This is a great addition that compliments the competitive nature of the gameplay.

Players decide that the diamond shape and the diamond shaped hole match in Freaking Shapes

If players get an answer wrong there is a gentle screen shake effect. This is a nice touch in keeping with the simplicity of the UI and art. The layout is very clean, except for the banner ad at the bottom of the screen. This detracts from the overall look of Freaking Shapes. There are also full screen ads which pop up occasionally and you must wait before dismissing them, which is a nuisance. Having this many ads just seems like overkill and it greatly affects the fun aspects of the game.

Freaking Shapes is free on the App Store and it is a challenging yet entertaining game but the ridiculous amount of ads takes too much away from the gameplay to be worth the download.