LG's superwide 105-inch 4K TV is $100,000, but there are cheaper options

Remember that massive 105-inch Ultra HD TV LG brought to CES earlier this year? Today at the custom installer show CEDIA LG has revealed it's going on sale (next to two 4K OLED TVs), but fitting it into your budget will be tougher than squeezing one into your house. That's because this giant will cost $100,000 when it ships in November. Prefer mild over wild? You can get the 98-inch version (which still stretches more than 8 feet diagonally) for a mere $40,000 around the same time. For the rest of us, LG is introducing three new series of 4K TVs, with the 40-inch 40UB8000 available as the cheapest model for just $1,000.

The new TVs are all going on sale this year, and fill out several tiers, depending mostly on how big of an Ultra HD experience you're seeking. Every one has LG's webOS Smart TV platform with access to 4K content from services like Netflix, support for HEVC / h.265 decoding and "the latest HDMI connectivity." Joining the 98-inch version at the high end are 84-, 79- and 65-inch models in the UB9800 tier, which cost $10,000, $8,000 and $4,500, respectively. The next step down is the UB9500 series with 65- and 55-inch versions for $3,500 and $2,500, and a 65-inch UB9200 for $3,000. The next series are the UB8500 and UB8200 lineups, with a 60-inch 8200 for $2,500, down to a 49-inch for $1,350. The real question is how useful the extra pixels are in these smaller sizes, but by the time they hit store shelves and are discounted from the MSRP, we'll have a number of new choices at more reasonable prices than ever.

Series, Models and Suggested Prices:

UC9 Series

UB9800 Series

UB9500 Series


UB8500 Series

UB8200 Series

UB8000 Series