Philippe Starck's latest project is a fleet of electric bikes for all terrains

We've come across a variety of wares from renowned French designer Philippe Starck. He's tinkered with everything from external hard drives to headphones, and now he's added electric bicycles to the list. Working alongside Moustache Bikes, the M.A.S.S. collection is a set of four powered two-wheelers built to tackle mud, asphalt, sand and snow with a corresponding acronym to boot. The fleet of Starckbikes have a handlebar-mounted control unit for sorting five modes (eco, tour, sport and turbo) alongside GPS navigation. Depending on which of those modes you choose, advertised range is 30 to 60km (around 19 to 37 miles) and the lithium-ion battery fully recharges in 3.5 hours. Of course, mileage goes up if you're okay with pedaling the extra distance. In terms of speed, three of the bikes top out at 15.5 MPH (25 km/h) and that road-tuned option can zoom around at up 28 MPH (45 km/h). As you might expect, the sand and snow models feature frame covers to protect that 250-watt Bosch electric motor from the elements, one of which is made of some quite dapper fur.