Your dorm room, upgraded

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Your dorm room, upgraded

It's autumn once more and that means you're back at school. The car-load of Craigslist-sourced furniture is unpacked, you've already had the first (of likely many) arguments with your roommate about a spilled bowl of ramen. Not to mention, you've probably already been through a glut of syllabus readings and awkward around-the-room introductions. So, you have the essentials for the next two semesters covered. But, financial aid disbursements are direct-depositing their way into bank accounts everywhere right about now. You've already bought your books, so what're you going to do with the rest of that "free" money? Make your dorm the envy of everyone on your floor, that's what -- and we've a few suggestions of kit to help do just that from sun up to sun down.

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  • Wake up call: Coffee
  • Smart-phone: OnePlus One
  • Laptop: Samsung Chromebook 2 or an Apple MacBook Air
  • Group project: RAVPower 6-in-1 FileHub
  • Take note: Livescribe 3 smart-pen
  • Study break: Chromecast
  • The big comedown: Vaporizers
  • Tunes: Altec Lansing Life Jacket
  • Party time: Craft beer
  • Game time: Astro A50
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