The Walking Dead Pinball is great fun

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Dave Caolo
September 13th, 2014
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The Walking Dead Pinball is great fun

Walking Dead Pinball iOS

The Walking Dead by Telltale Games is a lot of fun, and it's won a slew of awards. Now available in two parts, it tells a unique story set in the world of The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman. I played through part one on my iPad and loved it.

Now, Zen Studios expands on the series with The Walking Dead Pinball (universal, free with in-app purchases). It features characters and situations from part one of Telltale's games with voiceover work from members of the original cast. You needn't play through Telltale's game to have fun with Walking Dead Pinball, but those who have will enjoy it on another level.

Looks great

When first launched, you're greeted with that droning, sad music that permeates Telltale's game. The same characters are all there, too, and the artwork is in the same style. I like the continuity between the two games, as it keeps the pinball game thematically relevant.

The game itself looks great. You'll find many scenes from the Telltale game, including the mote, the barn, the train and more. All of the characters are there, too, from Clementine to Lee and the rest of the gang. Plus walkers. Lots of walkers.


The Walking Dead Pinball is similar to a physical pinball game. You pull back the knob -- in this case, an axe -- to launch the ball and tap anywhere to activate the flippers and keep it in play. Of course, you aren't mindlessly tapping a ball around. There are goals to achieve and experiences to unlock. But I'll let you discover those on your own.

I will say that there are some fun cutscenes and "side quests," if you will, to complete. As your game begins, characters Clementine and Lee are watching the action. Certain actions cause certain events to happen. You might have to save Clementine or do something at the barn, for example. This next level of interaction adds a lot of fun and, as I said, is great fun for those who've played Telltale's game.

You can sign in with Facebook to brag about your score (though this isn't required at all), and the "hotseat" game is a pass-and-play competition between you and a friend.

The Walking Dead Pinball looks best on an iPad but I've been using it on my iPhone and it's still a lot of fun. Give it a try...and shoot for the head.

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