Goodbye Clear Channel, Hello iHeartMedia

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Chris Velazco
September 16th, 2014
Goodbye Clear Channel, Hello iHeartMedia

When iHeartRadio first launched years ago, it was a just a mobile app to let people listen to any of Clear Channel's 800-something radio stations on their phones. Now, three years and some 50 million subscribers later, the "iHeart" moniker has grown powerful enough to spark a major rebrand - the Clear Channel we know (and probably love to hate) just changed its name to iHeartMedia. To hear CEO Bob Pittman tell the tale, the shift only really came together six weeks ago, but it's hard not to to see why. After all, the iHeart name has been talked up by nearly every DJ on every one of Clear Channel's stations for ages now, to say nothing of the massive annual music festival that's right around the corner too. There's also the seemingly inextricable link between "Clear Channel" and stodgy old radio players, an association that the company's brass are eager to get rid of. No, iHeartMedia is all about embracing the digital music wave, but here's the big question that needs answering: is a name change really going to help the company do battle with its most bitter rivals?

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