FiftyThree's new Mix service invites Paper users to collaborate

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Mariella Moon
September 16th, 2014
FiftyThree's new Mix service invites Paper users to collaborate

Some artists find inspiration in their peers' artworks and even think it boring to draw alone. If you feel that way and you use FiftyThree's Paper app (and maybe its Pencil stylus, as well) religiously, you can take advantage of the startup's new service to collaborate with anyone you want. This new product is called Mix, and it's an open platform where all users can share their work by uploading it straight from the Paper app. The latest version of Paper comes loaded with the Mix sharing option, as you can see in the video below -- after you've uploaded your work, other members can finish it or put their own spin on it.

According to a FiftyThree rep, they've already seen a bunch of "incredible projects" during the beta testing phase, ranging from fun co-drawn pieces to collaborative inventions. If you want to start collaborating right now, you may want to launch Paper or to go to the Mix portal to sign up for an invitation ASAP -- the startup's sending out thousands of invites per week on a first-come-first-serve basis, letting people in by batches. By the end of October, though, the service will ultimately open its gates to the public, and everyone who signs up will instantly get an account.

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