SteamWorld Heist goes turn-based in spring 2015 [Update]

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SteamWorld Heist goes turn-based in spring 2015 [Update]
Image and Form Games announced its next project today, turn-based strategy game SteamWorld Heist. The next entry in the SteamWorld series is all about "space adventures and survival," according to the developer's announcement blog. In it, players captain "a team of ragtag robots" that loot the ruins of a destroyed world, boarding the ships of enemies and partaking in turn-based battles.

The game follows the events in last year's SteamWorld Dig after a "cataclysmic event" crushed the planet and forced its citizens to spaceships. Still, Image and Form Games carefully noted that it's not a direct sequel to the game, just that it takes place in the same universe. The developer is aiming to launch SteamWorld Heist in spring 2015, and has not yet listed its targeted platforms.

Update: According to a Nintendo of Europe interview with Image and Form, the game has been confirmed for 3DS.
[Image: Image and Form Games]
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