BlackBerry's latest Porsche Design smartphone is real, ridiculous

Well folks, the rumors and leaks were true (as usual): the heated BlackBerry/Porsche Design love affair has once again borne fruit, this in time in the form of the new Porsche Design P'9983. At its core, we're looking at a device running BlackBerry 10.3 along with a few Porsche-produced bits like a custom wallpaper and watchface, but you're not going to buy this thing just for BBMing your dearest pals (did we mention you get a specific BBM PIN perfect for remote flaunting?). No, if anything, you'd buy this thing for its peculiar (some would say silly and overwrought) sense of style.

Unlike, say, the BlackBerry Q10, this new Porsche Design model looks angular, brutish and almost jubilant in its rejection of the the effete curved aesthetic most smartphone makers are running wild with. "This is a phone for getting crap done," those harsh lines seem to say. "No time for Candy Crush here, no sir." Combine those looks with a "glass-like" physical QWERTY keyboard, a 3.1-inch touchscreen and 64GB of internal storage and you've got yourself... well, let's just say this thing'll turn some heads. Alas, BlackBerry hasn't said how much the P'9983 will run you, though its ancestors went for north of $2,000 when they first launched. Now, we don't mind a little weird here at Engadget, but here's a question for BlackBerry: Can we just have the Passport now, please?