Diane Von Furstenberg's designer Google Glass frames come to the UK

When Google Glass went on sale in the UK in June, deep-pocketed early adopters could choose between the basic frame or one of the more stylish options from Google's Titanium collection for some extra cash. Well-heeled fashionistas that weren't exactly enamoured with Google's range have some new options today, courtesy of designer Diane Von Furstenberg. The "DVF" collection, which dropped stateside a few months ago, is now available to Brits exclusively at online fashion outlet NET-A-PORTER. There's only one style for the ladies, and it comes in five different colors with matching sunglass lens replacements. These retail for £1,250 a piece, whereas the range for gents is slightly cheaper at £1,120. Men have a wider choice of three frame designs, which also include bonus sunglass lenses. They're certainly prettier than the raw frames, and perhaps a little less conspicuous, too. Because you wouldn't want to draw attention to yourself now, would you?