Hyrule Warriors DLC lineup has Dark Link, free villains

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Jessica Conditt
September 18th, 2014
Hyrule Warriors DLC lineup has Dark Link, free villains
Free Hyrule Warriors DLC launching on October 16 in Europe adds three playable villains to players' rosters: Cia, Volga and Wizzro. This DLC is also coming to Japan, but there's no word on a North American launch for the free content.

European, Japanese and North American Hyrule Warriors players can expect four pieces of paid DLC, and buying them all in a Season Pass for $20 throws in a Dark Link costume. As collected by NeoGAF from the Koei Tecmo TGS livestream, the four packs include mixes of new characters, weapons, maps and costumes. The Hyrule Warriors Master Quest DLC is due out on October 16, Twilight Princess is November, Majora's Mask is January and the Ganon Pack is February.

Hyrule Warriors is out in Japan and it's scheduled to launch in Europe tomorrow. It hits North America on September 26. Our review is full of praise, concluding, "Not only is Hyrule Warriors the best entry point to Koei Tecmo's other musou games, it's also a solid Legend of Zelda entry in its own right."
[Image: Nintendo]
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