Report: Lords of the Fallen PS4 is 1080p, Xbox One is 900p

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Report: Lords of the Fallen PS4 is 1080p, Xbox One is 900p
The only difference between the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Lords of the Fallen is in the resolution: Xbox One is 900p, while PS4 is 1080p, City Interactive Executive Producer Tomasz Gop tells VideoGamer.

"Probably the resolution [on Xbox One] is like 900p instead of 1080p on PlayStation 4," Gop says. "But apart from that there's nothing different, I would say."

Lords of the Fallen is a dark fantasy RPG due out on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on October 28 in North America. Gop first compared Lords of the Fallen to Borderlands and Dark Souls, and he later told Joystiq that it was a complicated, strategy-inspired game. "You can imagine Lords of the Fallen as a game that has all the layers, all the complexity, all the mechanics, all the elements of very advanced tactical combat," Gop said. "But it's not being mindlessly punishing at the same time."
[Image: City Interactive]
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