Scotland finds independence on the web with new .scot domain

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Jamie Rigg
September 23rd, 2014
Scotland finds independence on the web with new .scot domain

After heated debates and divided opinions, a slim majority of Scots voted to stay part of the UK in the recent Scottish independence referendum. Nevertheless, Scotland has achieved a slightly different type of liberty today, carving out a corner of the internet it alone can call home. The new .scot top-level domain is now officially open, meaning any and all can register websites with the Scottish-centric suffix. This "general release" follows the domain's announcement in July, when certain organisations like Scouts Scotland got early access, and businesses were allowed to stake their claims to relevant addresses. The .scot domain is the latest UK-focused slice of the web to go live after .london sites went up for grabs earlier this month. It also beats a pair of Welsh domains that are expected to become available to the masses in spring next year -- around the same time Scotland will no doubt be looking to break its six-year losing streak against Wales in the Six Nations.

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