Amazon lets you fill out your wish list with the help of a hashtag

Look beyond the lightspeed rush of news and one-liners and you'll see a Twitter that's slowly morphing into a place where you can buy stuff. Amazon seems to be coming to grips with that peculiar truth, which is why it cooked up another way to use the social service to discover and covet the gewgaws people tweet about. Assuming you've already hooked up your Twitter account (for #AmazonCart shopping), try responding to tweets including Amazon product links with #AmazonWishList - they'll instantly be added to (what else?) your wish list for easy buying down the road. It's useful enough what with the holiday shopping season nearly upon us, but let's face it: this just gives Amazon more reason to fill your feed with products you may or may not actually need. We just wish we could fill our Amazon carts directly with a tweet, and we'd be shocked if the folks in Seattle haven't started thinking about it already.