Netatmo's smart thermostat joins the crowded UK market

Over the short space of a year, Brits have gone from fiddling with mechanical boiler dials to having a glut of smart thermostat options to choose from. Today we can add yet another to that list with the launch of the Netatmo Thermostat in the UK (and a couple other European markets). Better known for its connected weather station, Netatmo's Philippe Starck-designed thermostat boasts many features common to fancy, smart heating systems. You can control temperature using Android, iOS, Windows Phone and web apps, for example, as well as set up heating schedules with military precision.

Through the apps, you can also track energy consumption, and from sometime in autumn users will start receiving monthly reports including tips on being more efficient. Another feature uses the outside temperature and information on how quickly your home heats up to make sure as little energy as possible is expended reaching a scheduled temperature. The smart thermostat is now available on Amazon for £149 (or it will be shortly when the listing is updated with the correct price), making it marginally cheaper than its closest price competitor Nest. Now all Netatmo needs is an energy supplier or retail partner to put it on a level playing field with its more established rivals.