TomTom has a new watch designed specifically for golfers

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Edgar Alvarez
September 26, 2014 5:42 PM
TomTom has a new watch designed specifically for golfers

In perfect conjunction with the start of the Ryder Cup, TomTom couldn't have found a better time to introduce its new GPS-powered wearable. The watch, simply, and fittingly, named TomTom Golfer, is similar to Garmin's Approach line, featuring data for more than 34,000 courses. In addition to that, TomTom's Golfer is waterproof and can keep track of distance, score and time for every whole -- so long as the course you're playing at is supported. It can also send detailed information from the green areas right to your wrist, which could potentially lessen the chances of you taking a bad swing. It's available now on pre-order for £200 (around $325), with shipping on both models (black or white strap) expected to begin "within 30 days."

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