Persona 4 Arena Ultimax's Margaret, accessory DLC priced

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Last month we learned that the Velvet Room's Margaret will summon ass-kickings in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, but a more-recent press release from Atlus has laid the DLC pricing-related cards on the table. Serving as both the date of Margaret's arrival and when at-launch freebies Adachi and Marie will convert to paid DLC characters, October 7 is when "all three characters will be priced at $4.99."

The press release also notes rates for other DLC, including the Complete P4A Story for $9.99, extra colors and pairs of glasses going for $1.99 each (or $5.99 in two different sets), and navigator voices for $2.99, with options including Teddie, Yosuke, Aigis, Nanko, Mitsuru, Adachi and Fuuki.

While you're determining the exchange rate for converting your love of Persona into funds for DLC, you can watch Margaret show off some combos in a trailer after the break.
[Image: Atlus]

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Margaret, the Sadistic Stud-Keeping Secretary of the Velvet Room has a book she would like to show you. Specifically, her Grimoire de Coeur, that contains her three personas, Cu Chulainn, Yoshitsune, and Ardha.

Margaret is paid DLC and will be released on Oct. 7, the same day that Marie and Adachi revert from free to paid DLC. All three characters will be priced at $4.99 beginning Oct. 7.

Margaret's trailer is available here and can be posted immediately:

Other DLC includes:

Complete P4A Story -- $9.99
Glasses Packs -- $1.99 each, or $5.99 full set
Additional Colors -- $1.99 each, or $5.99 full set
Navigator Voices -- $2.99 each, various set prices. Yosuke, Teddie, Aigis, Nanako, Mitsuru, Adachi, and Fuuka will be available Sept. 30, rest of the cast available on Oct. 7.
And more to come!

Finally, we received all the pre-order bonus goods in our office, so naturally we shot an unboxing video!

PSA: Please don't be too mean to inflatable Teddie.

P4AU is NOT region locked for the Americas

Adachi and Marie will be FreeLC (free DLC) for the first week after the game's launch, all pre-orders and a limited first production run will include a collectible Teddie bop bag and set #1 of the iconic Persona 4 tarot cards!


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