Elsword reveals the Arc Tracer class... for science

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Elsword reveals the Arc Tracer class... for science
KOG Games has just revealed Add the Arc Tracer, a new class coming to Elsword on October 1st. The Arc Tracer is a tech specialist who can manipulate drones, laser cannon, and flying disks to kick butt with science. At level 35, the Arc Tracer can become a Mastermind (eventually -- but not in this patch!). We've got brand-new screenshots, details, and an exclusive trailer after the cut! Elsword Arc Tracer Trailer
Add's quest for mastery of Nasod Technology and psychic power is underway! Prepare to deal massive damage with psionic explosions, shock inducing
Nasod Drone strikes, and more! As Arc Tracer, Add further develops his Dynamo weapon to be able to gather El energy independently. Specializing in long-range attacks, Add can now call on drones through the new Dynamo Factory. He can even switch between different types of drones when necessary for unpredictably stunning encounters.

Arc Tracer's Nasod Armor: The Nasod Armor is activated when Add goes into Dynamo Configuration Mode (DP mode/Awakening). It lets Add extend his combos using Nasod Armor commands and skills. It also enables him to gain more MP when in DP mode or installation switching. Add can also deal greater damage with Nasod Armor combos as the Nasod Armor skill level increases. To enhance this feature, invest more skill points to the passive skill Nasod Armor Mode – Transform.

At level 15, players can choose to upgrade Add to the Arc Tracer Job Path. As Arc Tracer, Add's long range psychic assault knows no bounds. The Arc
Tracer Job Path allows players to completely change the way Add engages the enemy. In addition to Add's characteristically fast movement and attack speed, blindside your foes using Add's Dynamo weapon as a contingency based, long range damage dealer. Take Add to the next level and embrace Add's mAdd rAddness!
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