Dead Rising film director: It's 'Indiana Jones with zombies'

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Dead Rising film director: It's 'Indiana Jones with zombies'
The Dead Rising digital film in production under Legendary Digital Media has an original storyline with new heroes and a new city, set between Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 3, director Zach Lipovsky tells SlashFilm. There will be "familiar faces," too, Lipovsky says, before teasing original Dead Rising protagonist Frank West: "I can't reveal too much, but the character has covered wars, you know."

Lipovsky describes the tone of the film as "Indiana Jones with zombies." He wants to recreate the series' massive hordes, even with a smaller, straight-to-digital film budget. "Pretty much every person I know has already emailed me saying they want to be a zombie, so I think we'll be fine," Lipovsky says. "We are also planning a long one-take action shot with hundreds of zombies, which I'm very excited about .... Online there is no ratings board, there is no run time limit, there are no rules. This is an experiment for Legendary, and they have been incredibly willing to take creative risks."

The film, dubbed Dead Rising: Watchtower, will be one 90-minute movie on Sony's streaming service, Crackle, but it will be episodic on other platforms, Lipovsky says. See the cast list below.

Dead Rising: Watchtower cast:
  • Jesse Metcalfe (John Tucker Must Die, Desperate Housewives)
  • Meghan Ory (Once Upon A Time, Intelligence)
  • Virginia Madsen (Sideways, The Number 23)
  • Dennis Haysbert (24, The Unit)
  • Keagan Connor Tracy (Once Upon A Time, Battlestar Galactica)
[Image: Capcom]
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