Find out what channel the game is on with Bleacher Buddy

Bleacher Buddy screenshots

We are entering one of the busiest times of the year for sporting events. Baseball playoffs are starting while both college football and the NFL are in full swing as is soccer world-wide. Plus the NBA and NHL start their seasons in the next couple of weeks. In addition to tracking all these games, you have to go through hundreds of cable and satellite channels. So where is my game being televised? Now Bleacher Buddy offers a one-stop app that will not only provide the channel and time but will also alert you in advance if you choose. This is a free universal app that needs iOS 4.3 or later.

First with Bleacher Buddy you enter your zip code. This brings up a list of the local cable and satellite providers in your area. Choose the one you use and you are all set. Now once you select the sport or game you want to watch, the app gives you the local channel and start time. It is as simple as that.

Bleacher Buddy screenshots

Just about every sport is available: MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, EPL, WNBA, NCAA football and basketball, golf and even lacrosse. Once you select the sport you get a list of the specific leagues available like in the photo below, basketball is broken out to include the NBA, College Basketball, and the WNBA and Women's College Basketball. Users select the one they want and they receive a list of the games being played that day. They can then go forward to see games in the upcoming days.

After you select the game you want, Bleacher Buddy brings up a game page that includes the local TV channels where the game can be viewed, the local start time, and other info such as odds, a chat area, and a place for you to make a prediction on the outcome of the game.

Bleacher Buddy screenshots

Another feature included in Bleacher Buddy is an area where users can set up favorite teams so they can receive alerts on the start of the game and score updates. Each sport also has a "locker room" area so users can chat amongst themselves and "talk" sports and about the game itself. This app works for all zip codes so if you are away from home working or for some other reason, just enter the local zip code and get the local channel listings for your game. Bleacher Buddy takes all the guessing and searching out of finding the game you want to watch on TV.