Virtual reality gets touchy-feely with haptic exoskeleton

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Virtual reality gets touchy-feely with haptic exoskeleton
The world of virtual reality is constantly expanding, even though the major gaming headsets still aren't yet available to consumers – the most recent piece of interesting hardware is a hand exoskeleton that allows users to "feel" objects within virtual reality. It's called Dexmo (missed opportunity to use the way-cooler name "Phantom Limb") and it comes from Dexta Robotics.

Dexta imagines a lineup of uses for Dexmo, including music production (a la Imogen Heap), drawing, rehabilitation, animation and, of course, virtual-world immersion. The company offers comparisons to similar VR input devices, including Leap Motion, which it classifies as an optical solution and as such can't offer any haptic feedback. Dexmo does have haptic technology, but it can't simulate "softness," a Dexta team member said in a Reddit AMA.

Also covered in that AMA: Dexmo should cost less than $200, and a Kickstarter campaign should pop up in October seeking $200,000 or so.
[Image: Dexta Robotics]
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