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Angry Birds developer Rovio slashing 130 jobs

Angry Birds developer Rovio slashing 130 jobs
Mike Wehner
Mike Wehner|@MikeWehner|October 2, 2014 12:00 PM
After announcing a rather abrupt CEO change in August, which is scheduled to take place in 2015, Rovio revealed another organizational change today that further emphasizes the troubling times the company is going through. According to a new blog post by outgoing CEO Mikael Hed, the company is prepared to cut as many as 130 jobs in its home country of Finland, which amounts to approximately 16% of its entire workforce.

Hed prefaced the announcement by noting that the company is doing its best to adapt to change in the fast-moving markets it is involved in, while also admitting that more rapid growth was anticipated but didn't pan out.

Rovio isn't likely close to a collapse, however, as the Angry Birds franchise still carries plenty of weight on the App Store and in toy stores -- so much so that the full-length Angry Birds movie has just finished casting some big name talent including Bill Hader and Peter Dinklage.
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Angry Birds developer Rovio slashing 130 jobs