Das Tal revamps skills, adds stealth and tracking

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|10.02.14

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Das Tal revamps skills, adds stealth and tracking
Indie PvP sandbox Das Tal has revamped its skill system in its most recent alpha update. Fairytale Distillery has also added stealth and tracking features as well as tweaked audio for both the game's ambient tracks and its attack sounds.

There's an October update video and a copy of the full press release after the break!

[Source: Fairytale Distillery press release]

Fireballs and stuns aplenty in Das Tal this month, as the skills system is revamped. Each of the existing three weapon and armor sets in the indie MMO alpha has had their skills doubled, and a brand new weapon comes with the update, the 'over-time-effect' focused totem.

The game's developer, Fairytale Distillery, has also made a number of aesthetic improvements to the game world, the most interesting being the ability to hide in vegetation and track enemies using their footsteps. Coupled with these features is the addition of ambient audio tracks and early stage ability sound effects. The video provided by Fairytale Distillery has more details.

Smaller tests this month have offered a chance for testers to check out the new changes, and they have been scrutinised by members of the experienced MMORPG guild Syndicate, who have offered their feedback on where things can be improved. Further focus tests with Syndicate and other clans and communities will take place throughout development when appropriate.

To keep an eye on Das Tal as it develops, check out their Steam Greenlight page here http://tinyurl.com/msu3tjn, where you can vote to see the game become available on Steam. You can also sign up on their website das-tal-game.com for the chance to be an Alpha tester.
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