Indie Royale's ten-game Mystery Bundle could be anything

Well this is awkward. See, we were hoping to tell you about Indie Royale's new "Mystery Bundle," but there are only two confirmed games we can really talk about. We can say for sure that the ten-game bundle features The Sun at Night and Hero of the Kingdom, PC games packed with Steam and Desura keys as well as DRM-free download options available to buyers. While Indie Royale values the bundle at $70, it's available now for the pay-the-minimum price of 99 cents.

Here's the catch: Indie Royale will reveal a new game in the bundle each day and will increase its price by 30 cents with every reveal, so those buying in today while the bulk of the games are unknown will get the whole lot at its lowest price. We hate to speculate, but what if Indie Royale is pulling an Oprah on us and one of the eight other games is actually a new car? What if one title is the leg lamp from A Christmas Story, or the concept of love? The possibilities are endless. The Mystery Bundle ends on Wednesday, October 15.

[Image: Indie Royale]