Nokia Here Auto displays trip info in more places

Nokia first trotted out its Here Auto connected car platform just over a year ago, and at this week's Paris Motor Show, the company is showing off the latest developments. In order to properly equip the rise in heads-up display tech, Here Auto now shows its info in more places around on the dash. In addition to the main display between the driver and passenger, navigation details and more can be beamed to a HUD or under the steering wheel. The central cluster's route data is "context aware," so when you're low on fuel, it'll show gas stations along the way. During the drive, passengers can employ smartphone and tablet apps to examine the trip and make the most of stops. If a nearby national park is selected, the driver can okay (or reject) the detour and directions get automatically updated. And with a new SDK, auto makers can customize Nokia's system as needed, adding in of CarPlay, Google Auto and more.