Skyforge will spawn multi-stage alien invasion events


If you like random scripted events in games like RIFT, Defiance, and Guild Wars 2, you're going to love Skyforge's alien invasions. Announced today, alien invasions in the upcpming sci-fantasy MMORPG are huge events that will roll out to the open world in multiple stages and spawn waves of enemies full of loot and esclalating challenge. If ignored, invasions "will grow and defenders will be overrun by more dangerous creatures from the most distant corners of the universe." So maybe don't ignore them.

Upon defeating invading hordes, players can rally the troops and board the enemy ships, where they will encounter bizarre alien monsters in various forms and vicious, unexpected traps. If these can be surpassed, parties must then defeat the avatar of an alien god; presenting a true challenge, staying alive on board an alien ship and defeating the enemies within will reap huge rewards and bring recognition to all victors.

Players that deal most deftly with the alien god's avatar will be able to participate in a championship match. This is a special raid adventure with a new, stronger avatar. Here, even the slightest tactical mistake can deprive you of victory, but the winners will receive a unique reward. The outcome of this battle may have certain consequences for the entire server. After all, the gods are not just immortal heroes. Their actions have an impact on the whole world.

Obsidian has posted a new video showing off the invasion system; we've included it below.