Lamborghini's 910HP plug-in hybrid goes 30 miles on a charge (hands-on)

Lamborghini knows what you want -- ridiculous, excessive power. But hey, if you need to pick up some groceries, the Italian automaker can do that too. We just got a look at the concept car that proves it, the Lamborghini Asterion, at the Paris Auto Show. It can run in three modes: the first two use either the rear-drive 610HP V10 gas engine or "eco-friendly" 300HP front-drive electric motor system. And if you really need those groceries now, both can join forces to bring an unholy 910 combined horsepower. For those times when you'll settle for 300HP on the battery alone, you can even drive it up to 30 miles if you charge it up using the plug-in mode.

Lamborghini told us that it has packed in a lot of tech concepts that it might bring later in production cars. For example, the dual electric motors are front drive -- rather bizarre on a Lambo -- so they can provide torque vector steering, useful on a high-powered vehicle. It also looks decidedly different from current models, with a curved rear section that resembles a vintage Lamborghini Miura. The Asterion even has more interior space thanks to a higher profile than, say, the Aventador. Unfortunately, it's strictly a (fully functioning) concept car that'll never reach the market, so don't sell off that Hurrican yet.