Rune Factory 4 may tend European fields after all

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Rune Factory 4's European release was canceled following the closure of developer Neverland, leaving only North American and Japanese fans to tend its crops. Maybe 2014 was just a bad planting season across the pond though – a report from Siliconera suggests Rune Factory 4 will launch in Europe after all, eventually arriving as a digital piece of produce on the 3DS eShop.

After noticing a content rating for the RPG simulator on USK (Germany's equivalent of the ESRB) which lists both Marvelous and XSEED as publishers, Siliconera contacted XSEED Executive VP Ken Berry to learn more. Berry explained that an unnamed group has been working in place of the original development team to secure a European launch "for months," and that XSEED hopes to start the master submission process with Nintendo of Europe "within the next couple weeks."

Berry added that the effort was meant to be kept under wraps until the game actually passed Nintendo of Europe's certification, just to ensure European fans wouldn't face another letdown. Content rating boards always spoil all the fun, huh?
[Image: Marvelous AQL]
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