Report: Microsoft sells 100K Xbox One consoles in China

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Report: Microsoft sells 100K Xbox One consoles in China
Microsoft has reportedly sold over 100,000 Xbox One consoles in the system's introductory week in China. The sales figure comes from an interview with Shanghai Media Group Vice President Zhang Dazhong, courtesy of Chinese news site 17173 (translated by Kotaku). Dazhong also noted that Microsoft's Chinese partner BesTV aims to sell one million consoles in the region over the next year. The system launched in late September along with 10 games, and Microsoft said it is preparing an additional 70 games for the region.

The Xbox One is the first official foreign console to arrive in China in 14 years following the government's move to lift its longstanding console ban in January. It then began drafting rules that dictates how companies can sell games and game consoles under Shanghai's free trade zone, settling on a new set of policies in April. Game sales in China are restricted based on whether the government determines that products threaten "China's national unity, sovereignty, or territorial integrity," whether they "instigate racial/ethnic hatred," include gambling-related features, promote drug use, obscenity, violence or violate China's constitution.
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