uShuttl app aims to replace business cards at high cost

uShuttl screenshot

uShuttl is a service that wants to replace the business card by enabling business users to send files to customers via a professionally formatted email. It's complete with a company logo, contact information and landing page to download the files. uShuttl also automatically saves the customer email to your account's contact list. The iPhone app is free to download and requires iOS 8.0 or later, however the uShuttl service comes at a cost.

I was immediately disappointed to find out that upon downloading uShuttl and launching the app for the first time, you must already have a username and password. The app doesn't offer any way to register within it, so instead you have to head to and sign up for a 30-day free trial there. After the 30 days of free service, uShuttl charges $9.99 per month which is billed annually at $119.88. So far, business cards are already winning the battle.

After you get past the price and sign up for an account, then it's time to head back to the uShuttl app - at least for a little bit. Log in and you finally receive the opportunity to send files. Type in an email address or pick one from your existing contacts as well as the rest of the recipient's contact information. uShuttl also has a drop-down menu of titles to properly state your position at your company.

When you fill everything out, tap "Select Files" and prepare for yet another let-down. To send files, you must first have files, and to have files you must upload them through uShuttl's website. Head on back to your computer. Upload files you want available from your uShuttl account and through the app. While you're at it, click "My Account" on the website and upload your company's logo. This is essential in the presentation of the email and the app lacks this customization as well.

Okay, now you're finally ready. Your files should appear in the app and since they're already uploaded, attaching is instantaneous. Add a message and send it on its way. I sent an email with the file to myself to determine just how professional-looking uShuttl's formatted email really is. Honestly, I wasn't that impressed, especially given the hassle of switching between app and website. Let's not forget that ludicrous price either.

The email is divided into two columns with the left side displaying the company logo, message, files category (by default named My Stuff) and your own contact information. On the right is a button to view the attached documents, which links to your uShuttl landing page to then download the files.

It's not that the email is poorly designed because it's decent and adds an extra touch of professionalism, it just doesn't seem worth the price. uShuttl overall tries to solve a problem that doesn't exist in the first place. The service offers no practical advantage over just sending a regular email with attachments and a nice signature, it just looks a bit more polished. Business cards seem to work just fine for most people, too. Alas, the polish isn't worth nearly $120 per year.

uShuttl is a free companion to its paid service and is available in the App Store for iPhone.