Let's watch this trailer, keep it Between Me and the Night

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Let's watch this trailer, keep it Between Me and the Night
Between Me and the Night is a surreal exploration, puzzle and adventure game that deals in dualities. By day, the nameless young boy can explore his floating house and unlock new rooms to boost his skills. By night, he encounters and must conquer the fears of his mind, both in the house and while slipping into psychedelic slumber.

Between Me and the Night is due out in mid-2015 from developer RainDance LX and its new publisher, Lace Games. "One year has passed since we were just students dreaming about this project in Lisbon, and now we are back to this beautiful city to turn this dream into a reality," RainDance LX CEO Joao Ortega says in a press release. "This investment makes all the difference for us, now we can focus 100 percent on making Between Me and the Night the best game we can, and with all the creative control and liberty that Lace Games gives us we can make exactly the game we planned from the beginning."

Between Me and the Night has been in development since 2012 and was Greenlit on Steam (PC, Mac, Linux) in February 2014. It's getting musical treatment by Super Hexagon composer Chipzel, and Deadlight and Rime composer David Garcia.

Between us and you, this game is looking mighty fine. See the trailer below.
[Image: Lace Games]
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