Metareview: NBA 2K15

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Metareview: NBA 2K15
Another year, another entry in what may be the most consistent series in sports video games. NBA 2K15 follows a critically-beloved predecessor that we described as "gorgeous," before adding that "the on-court action is every bit as engaging and hospitable as it's always been, and the visuals are more impressive than ever."

Can the franchise once again live up to its already lofty standards? If history is any indicator, the answer is probably a resounding "yes," but let's find out what the critics think anyway.
  • Bleacher Report (9.3/10): "Rarely does a game with so much hype deliver the way NBA 2K15 does. It's truly a crowning achievement and one of the best video games I've ever played."
  • USA Today (9/10): "... NBA 2K15 is a meaningful step forward for the franchise, and there's enough new content here to please even the most hardcore 2K fans. Even if you only like basketball a little, if you have a next-gen console, you should play NBA 2K15."
  • CBS Sports: "NBA 2K15 is another win for 2K Sports and you can really see where the future of NBA gaming is headed. They have things to fix but it's a fluid process that will get better each year because the customers demand it."
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