PSN Tuesday: Driveclub, Alien: Isolation, Vib-Ribbon

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PSN Tuesday: Driveclub, Alien: Isolation, Vib-Ribbon
It's a big week for the PlayStation 4, as Sony's newest console adds Alien: Isolation, Driveclub and NBA 2K15 to its complement of big-name game offerings available through the PlayStation Network. The system is likewise well-represented among smaller-scale games, including Dust: An Elysian Tail, Pix The Cat and Spelunky - all of which are available as free downloads to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The PlayStation 3 also picks up Alien: Isolation and NBA 2K15, but the console's most enticing additions are two PlayStation One-era classics: Capcom's 2D action platformer Strider 2 and bizarro cult rhythm hit Vib-Ribbon. Both games can be downloaded for $6.

The Vita handheld has received the fewest number of notable additions in this week's PlayStation Network update, but it too now offers access to Vib-Ribbon, as well as Pix The Cat. If your tastes run toward anime-styled action adventures, Bandai Namco has launched One Piece Unlimited World Red - Prestige Edition, an enhanced, content-rich redux of the 3DS' One Piece Unlimited World Red.

As with each weekly PlayStation Network update, you can find full details on each of these games, as well as information on how to purchase them, on Sony's official
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