Apple TV update displays smart device info through HomeKit

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Steve Dent
October 8th, 2014
Apple TV update displays smart device info through HomeKit

Apple TV may soon be the defacto HomeKit smart home hub, judging release notes for the latest beta spotted by AppleInsider. The Software beta 2 release can now be "used for testing AirPlay and HomeKit with your iOS apps," letting you set the devices as a remote HomeKit peer by connecting to iCloud. After that, info from smart devices like bulbs and thermostats will be automatically synced to Apple TV. Apple announced 18 partners at HomeKit's launch, including Philips and Honeywell (but not Google-owned Nest) and has added several more recently. Though functionality seems limited for now, it looks like Cupertino is thinking ahead to the day when Apple TV could serve as a HomeKit mission control center. The set-top device is long overdue for a software overhall, so hopefully it's the start of Tim Cook's "grand vision" for Apple TV. If you'd like to try, you'll need access to the developer portal and a dose of gumption.

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