Zombie Highway 2 ups the eye candy and adds buckets of blood

Zombie Highway 2

I've been a fan of the original Zombie Highway since it launched on iOS in 2010. The game received regular updates in the years since, adding so much additional content that today it's practically unrecognizable from the original App Store release -- in a good way, of course. Tomorrow, Zombie Highway 2 makes its long-awaited debut, and it continues the series' bloody tradition in fine style.

If you've never played the original Zombie Highway, let me get you up to speed (pun intended, forgive me): Zombies are destroying humanity and your only goal is to get as far as you can down a road crawling with the undead. You need to use any means necessary to keep from wrecking and having your brain gnawed on by the every increasing horde, who just so happen to have a nasty habit of latching onto your vehicle.

The first thing any Zombie Highway fan is going to notice is how pretty the sequel looks. Everything from your vehicle and the zombies to the road debris and the background environments looks like it belongs on a dedicated game console. Zombies fly off your vehicle in a spray of blood from gunfire, garbage litters the roadway, and you can even see the individual treads on your tires. In short, there's a lot of eye candy here.

Each drive is slightly different in Zombie Highway 2, and your path is randomized enough that devising a strategy to outsmart the game isn't possible. Sometimes you'll be tossed into a dark tunnel in the middle of the city where it's nearly impossible to see things before it's too late, while other times you'll spend much of your run weaving back and forth from one side of the road to the other to avoid wrecked semi trucks and piles of cars.

Zombie Highway 2

The further you make it down the highway, the more cash you can earn, and the better your odds of completing bonus objectives to level up. Higher ranks bring the ability to purchase new weapons and vehicles, so making sure you're gaining as much XP as possible is a high priority.

If you feel like taking a shortcut, you can purchase cash from the in-game store, which will make things slightly easier for you, but the fact that your available options are based on your XP rather than just how rich you are means that you'll still end up having to gain experience just like everyone else. This is probably the most elegant solution to the in-app purchase option I've seen, as it allows the game to be made available for free, while preventing players from simply buying their way to greatness.

Zombie Highway 2 is an easy recommendation for the App Store faithful who have enjoyed the original title at any point over the past four years, but it's accessible and easy to grasp for newbies as well. It looks great, plays great, and improves on its predecessor in every single way, which is the best compliment that can be given to any sequel. You'll be able to pick the game up for free via this link once the game goes live tomorrow, October 9th.