Assassin's Creed devs weigh in on the demands of 60fps

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Assassin's Creed devs weigh in on the demands of 60fps
Assassin's Creed: Unity will run at 30fps on PS4 and Xbox One, and Ubisoft isn't interested in pushing that number higher because action-adventure games feel better below 60fps, Creative Director Alex Amancio told Techradar. Amancio said it's the same case with resolution (Unity runs at 900p).

"If the game looks gorgeous, who cares about the number?" he asked.

Level Design Director Nicolas Guérin shared the sentiment, saying that Ubisoft for a long time wanted to hit 60fps in its games, but "you don't gain that much" from it."It doesn't look like the real thing," Guérin said. "It's a bit like the Hobbit movie, it looked really weird. And in other games it's the same – like the Rachet and Clank series [where it was dropped]. So I think collectively in the video game industry we're dropping that standard because it's hard to achieve, it's twice as hard as 30fps, and it's not really that great in terms of rendering quality of the picture and the image."

Senior Producer Vincent Pontbriand said earlier this week that Unity would run at 900p and 30fps on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox one. He noted that the demands of the game's AI is what makes it difficult to ramp up the framerate, even on the new consoles: "We could be running at 100fps if it was just graphics, but because of AI, we're still limited to 30fps."
[Image: Ubisoft]
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