Ryanair now lets you tweet it for real-time flight updates

When budget airline Ryanair finally launched its first Twitter account, many users wondered if they've finally have an official way to vent their frustrations via social media. Although the company does use @Ryanair to improve customer service, it only serves as a way to update followers, not to interact with them. However, following today's launch of @RyanairFlights, Ryanair has started to engage a little bit more, but only with customers who are interested in receiving real-time flight updates. The automated service asks you to follow the new account and then send it the flight number you want updates for (eg FR102). Ryanair then gets back to you with the status of that particular flight, providing scheduled departure and arrival times, and news of whether it landed early or not. Luckily, you don't have to endure that perky 'on time' jingle if it does.