Sony cuts the price of its 'Digital Paper' and now it's only $1,000

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Richard Lawler
October 9th, 2014
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Sony cuts the price of its 'Digital Paper' and now it's only $1,000

If the only thing keeping you from Sony's electronic paper replacement was the price, you're in luck. According to The eBook Reader, these days anyone can grab the flexible 13.3-inch E Ink display from Sony's online store (previously it was restricted to legal or banking professionals), and the price just recently fell $100. We're still not sure if dropping under the $1,000 barrier is enough to make reading PDFs and signing A4-sized documents is enough to make it worthwhile, but there are probably some folks who will find a use. Sure it doesn't do color, but the display is high res (1,200 x 1,600) and it has a three week battery life. Who needs two Xbox Ones anyway?

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