Trion responds to ArcheAge's 10 percent patron discount controversy

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|10.09.14

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Trion responds to ArcheAge's 10 percent patron discount controversy
Things are never dull in the ArcheAge community. The latest brouhaha, as exemplified by this 100-page (as of press time) threadnaught, has to do with the fact that patron account holders haven't received the 10 percent cash shop discount that was promised pre-release.

Massively contacted Trion to see if it could shed some light on the controversy as well detail any steps it's taking to provide patrons with one of their perks. Click past the cut to view the firm's response.
When we were initially deciding on the benefits for Patron status, one thing we really liked was the idea of a 10% Marketplace discount being a part of the package. We knew that the store functionality around doing so (percent discounts) was a stretch goal for the developer, and we saw this as a feature that would be added "after launch" which is how it's been described on the patron page. Unfortunately, that brief wording led many to believe we meant "at launch".

As such, we've been working with the developer to find a good answer for players in the interim, and continue working on it. Getting this resolved in the most generous way possible remains extremely important to us and in the spirit of transparency we'd rather confirm that we're still on it rather than go silent on the subject.

We are currently working with XLGAMES to come up with a solution to implement the 10% discount or an equivalent. We can't promise exactly how this bonus for Patrons will be implemented yet, but we can say it will be retroactive. This is an important topic to both Trion and XLGAMES and we won't let up till we have a solution.
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