Driveclub's imminent update to re-enable some online features

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Driveclub's imminent update to re-enable some online features
Server woes remain ongoing for PS4 racer Driveclub, but developer Evolution Studios announced a new update should allow the team to bring more functionality to the game's online side. Yesterday afternoon the UK studio said the update was due "within 24 hours," and would mean the dev could "switch on more of the online features, so that you will be able to play more of Driveclub online."

When Driveclub launched last week, its servers buckled so hard under the traffic that Evolution decided to delay the launch of the content-lighter PlayStation Plus version to ease the load, as well as the companion iOS and Android app. Over the weekend a new patch allowed the servers to handle more players, but the studio added further work would make certain online features unavailable, such as challenge and social updates.
In yesterday's post, Evolution didn't specify which features it would "switch on" in the new update. The studio simply said, "We are sorry that we don't have more concrete news to share right now, but please be patient. We will have more information for you tomorrow."

That means we should hear more later today on the update and how exactly it'll affect the racer. Evolution also noted its ongoing work on Driveclub's servers is allowing more players to connect, as well as "building a steady increase in performance."

There also remains the matter of the PS Plus version which was due to launch alongside the full game last week. To recap, the version free for Plus subscribers will feature a fifth of the cars and tracks included in the purchasable package. Answering one Facebook user's question of "And PS+ version of Driveclub it's coming soon?" the studio replied, "Yes, Lucas, as soon as we have news about this we will share it with everyone."

Update: Evolution has since posted the following update to its Facebook page:
"After more successful upgrades and updates to the servers today, performance continues to improve and more of you will be able to play online together. We're still working, and will be around the clock, to keep improving social connectivity and online play, and we are pleased to say we have also added in friendly leaderboards now. We will have info about more updates to the game and the servers soon. In the mean time, while this work continues, we are also paying attention to all of the feedback and comments you're sharing with us too - so please keep sharing so that we can keep improving the game and giving you more to play for."
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