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Apple plans to pull Fitbit's activity trackers from its retail stores

Last week, news broke that Fitbit didn't have any plans to beam its gathered data to Apple's HealthKit offering. Recode reports that the folks in Cupertino are planning to pull the wearable company's line of activity trackers from its retail stores' shelves. While there may not be a link between the two, the timing certainly seems curious. Of course, Apple has it's own wrist-worn device on the way, but we'd surmise that it wasn't too thrilled with the outfit holding the largest share of the fitness-tracking market staying out of iOS 8's Health app. Jawbone, Wahoo, Withings and others also have health-focused devices that are currently sold both in-store and online. Two new Fitbit gadgets leaked yesterday, so those offerings will seemingly have one less retailer to call home when they arrive. We reached out to Fitbit for a comment on the matter, and a statement from co-founder and CEO James Park resides after the break.

"As the #1 selling connected device with 69% year-to-date 2014 market share (source: NPD), Fitbit is currently sold in 46 countries and in over 37,000 retail stores, including Amazon, AT&T, Best Buy, Bloomingdales, Brookstone, Dick's Sporting Goods, Kohls, Microsoft Store, Nordstrom, REI, Target, The Sports Authority, Tory Burch, Verizon and Walmart. Fitbit looks forward to a robust holiday season as the connected health and fitness category continues its rapid growth."