Opera still exists, releases Opera 25 redesign to prove it

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Mike Wehner
October 15th, 2014
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Opera still exists, releases Opera 25 redesign to prove it
When was the last time you used the Opera browser on your Mac? Never? Well if you're a fan of beautiful bookmarks, you might want to consider changing that for Opera 25. The new Opera update brings with it something the company calls Visual Bookmarks, which are essentially large icons pointing you to your favorite sites, complete with accompanying images.

"When I think back on moments, I can see them. That's my way to remember," Opera's Zhenis Beisekov writes on the company's blog. "It's the same for how I find things on the internet. All those videos, pictures or songs that I've discovered are visual memories for me."

That's the idea behind the new, prettier bookmarks. If you want to give Opera 25 a spin you can download it now directly from the announcement post, and feel free to sound off about the new tweaks below.
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