SnapDare is Snapchat and "truth or dare" combined


SnapDare is a social networking app modeled after the classic sleepover party 'Truth or Dare'. It requires iOS7 or later, is optimized by iPhone5 and compatible with the iPod touch and iPad. The app asks you to create a username and password and supply your phone number so that your contacts can find you and play. Once your friends join, you can send them truths and dares and they can respond by sending some to you in return. For proof, you can send the truth or dare back with a video or a photo.

This app has a simple red background with white text. I would argue that it is almost too simple. There is hardly any design incorporated in the app at all. The only icon is the French Bulldog icon that appears when you log into the app. I do like the Bulldog and it would be cool to see more elements like this in the app to have more aesthetic appeal. For such a fun concept you would think the developers would want to have a fun look for their app as well.

Snapdare Truth

I invited my friend to play with me and he accepted. We spent over an hour playing. Some of the automated truths and dares are a bit too tame but you can write in your own if you want to challenge your friends more. To send proof of the dare you can send back a photo or video with text.

Often when I would try to record a video with text the app would crash. I recently updated to iOS 8.0 so this could be an issue with that. It was a bit frustrating though because I would create a great Dare video with no option to save it and then it is gone forever. I already did the dare and there is no proof, and anyone who has played truth or dare knows that having to redo a really good dare can be something you might not want to try. Humiliation is usually funny the first time and probably annoying the second time.


My favorite part of Truth of Dare is the element of getting to know a person. When I was a kid at sleepover parties where this game was played, I always left feeling closer to my friends who answered embarrassing truths and who acted out a humiliating dare. It's a social game that allows people to lower their inhibitions and have fun.

SnapDare is a really fun way to play Truth or Dare with friends who you already Snapchat or text with frequently, and could potentially be a way to get to know new friends quickly and with humor. I recommend this app for people who like Snapchatand a nostalgia for one of their favorite childhood games, Truth or Dare.