You can download OS X Yosemite for free starting today (update: get it now!)

Oh, so the prospect of some new iPads and refreshed Macs wasn't enough for you? How about the chance to take OS X Yosemite for a spin? As expected, Apple confirmed that you'll be able to download and install Yosemite for free later today -- just keep an eye on the Mac App Store for your chance to play with what developers and beta testers have been perfecting for months. Aside from Yosemite's flatter design, features of note include Continuity (which basically blurs the line between your Mac and your iDevices), smarter Spotlight searching and total redesigns for native apps like Mail and Safari. (Sadly, you won't get access to Stephen Colbert's phone number like Craig Federighi did.) We'll keep you posted on when you can actually take the plunge, but in the meantime, take a peek at our in-depth Yosemite preview to give you one last taste of what to expect before the digital download floodgates open.

UPDATE: After what seemed like ages, Yosemite is now available to download right here.