Google Translate Chrome extension can zoom in on short bits of text

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Mariella Moon
October 16, 2014 3:44 AM
Google Translate Chrome extension can zoom in on short bits of text

Say, you're reading an article written in your third language but can't properly decipher a sentence or two -- you can just highlight those specific lines and let the Google Translate extension for Chrome do the rest. The add-on's new update makes it simpler to translate small snippets out of websites: highlighting part of the text leads to a pop-up icon you can click to view the translation (or some semblance of it, since we all know the service isn't always on point) on the same screen. You can also right click and choose Google Translate to view the original sentence and its meaning in a separate tab, though. Of course, if you want to to read the whole page in the language of your choice, you can always click the service's icon living in the corner of your browser. The extension should update itself if it's already installed, otherwise, you can download it right now from the Chrome Web Store.

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