Majority share in Warframe dev purchased by Chinese companies

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Majority share in Warframe dev purchased by Chinese companies
The majority of shares in Warframe developer Digital Extremes have been acquired by two Chinese companies, Multi Dynamic Games and Perfect Online Holding. As a subsidiary of Sumpo Food Holdings Limited, Multi Dynamic Games purchased 58 percent of Digital Extremes' shares for $69.6 million, whereas Perfect Online acquired three percent of the developer for $3.6 million. Negotiations for the agreement began in late June.

The value of the transactions, a total of $73.2 million (approximately HK $567.3 million according to Sumpo Food Holdings), is subject to future adjustment by the companies. Warframe launched in March 2013 for PC before the free-to-play shooter arrived on PS4 when the system launched in November 2013. The game hit Xbox One last month, after it reached 10 million registered users in July. Digital Extremes was founded in Ontario, Canada in 1993 and had a hand in the development of the Unreal and BioShock series.
[Image: Digital Extremes]
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