No camouflage can hide this weird Mercedes prototype

Spy photos from our sister site Autoblog have revealed a concept car from Mercedes that looks like it was beamed back from 20 years in the future. The silver-colored vehicle sports a wedge shape, cycle fenders, an extreme cab-forward design and narrow tires -- calling to mind Volkswagen's 260MPG XL1 hyrid. Our guess? The tires and aerodynamics suggest an extreme-mileage vehicle, likely a full-on EV, hybrid or other green-tech vehicle, perhaps with a self-driving option. As for when we might see it, we'd place a bet on January at Las Vegas. That's when Mercedes-Benz CEO Dr. Dieter Zetsch will deliver his CES 2015 keynote speech, and yes, unveil an all-new concept car. For a full gallery, check the source.

[Image credit: Autoblog]