New Nintendo eShop releases - Lone Survivor, more Castlevania

Castlevania? More like Castlemania, amirite?

Hello? Is this thing on? My point was if you've been following October's eShop games you'll have noticed a trend. Namely, a new Game Boy Advance entry from Konami's vampiric series appearing out of thin air each week. We've already had Dracula X and Circle of the Moon; this week, it's Harmony of Dissonance and next week it's Aria of Sorrow. It's almost like we're leading up to some kind of horror-themed celebration ... is this thing still not on?

Anyway, ahead of Bayonetta 2 next week, this week it's more about download-only stuff: games like side-scrolling horror Lone Survivor: Director's Cut and shoot-em-up Ballpoint Universe: Infinite. According to developer Arachnid Games, Ballpoint was drawn entirely in ballpoint pen, and it looks a treat in the below-the-break trailer. You'll also find the full list of new releases there, and if sales are more your bag check out the eShop deals here.

Don't forget, you can now buy (some) eShop games on Nintendo of America's website and have them automatically download to your system of choice. No, it's true. Yes, we're talking about Nintendo. Stop looking at us like that.

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[Image: Curve Digital]