Rdio app gets iOS 8 and CarPlay support, upgraded sound across subscriptions

The war between streaming services is great for consumers, because it's created an arms race of sorts between each services app's to be better than the rest. Todays latest upgrade comes courtesy of Rdio, featuring improved sound quality, CarPlay support, optimized visuals for iOS 8.

On the visual front iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users will be seeing the biggest difference, with the app now downloading high-resolutions images and art that corresponds with the song you're streaming. The app's new iOS 8 compatibility introduces interactive notifications, allowing you to play music and follow artists directly from the app's push notifications.

CarPlay support has been added, from simple playback to utilizing your favorites and playlists directly from your car's display panel. Of course streaming in your car stereo doesn't matter if the music sounds bad, but thanks to a new upgrade users have more control over sound quality than ever before.

The company has converted all of its songs to the AAC format, and now lets users pick their level of quality. If you're worried about your data plan simply select the 64 kbps level, while folks with unlimited plans can boost their sound all the way up to 320kbps. Having tested the upgrade across all levels with headphones the improved sound quality is noticeable. Even the lowest levels of streaming sound better than before.

You can test for yourself right now by downloading the Rdio app fromthe iTunes Store.